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The US Senate has recently urged the President to take all the necessary measures in order to determine Russia to withdraw its military troops.

In a Resolution backed by the American Senate, the Russian Federation is summoned to respects its commitments made in Istanbul in 1999 according to which Russia promised to withdraw its occupation troops from the Transdniester region, in the East of the Republic of Moldova.

The US Senate „urges the President to consider increasing security and intelligence cooperation with the Government of Moldova”.

„Calls on the Government of the Russian Federation to refrain from using economic coercion against the Republic of Moldova, cease support for separatist movements in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, and fulfill its commitments made at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) 1999 summit in Istanbul to withdraw its military forces and munitions from within the internationally recognized territory of the Republic of Moldova”, it’s just one of the many points of the declaration.

„Affirms that lasting stability and security in Europe is a key priority for the United States Government which can only be achieved if the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all European countries is respected”, it is written in the document.

In this moment the OSCE is handling this conflict but we are talking about an entity that is under total control of the Russian Federation. In fact, Russia is at the same time occupant, negotiator and judge. The last 20 years have proved that OSCE cannot solve this conflict and it does not want to because Russia does not.

The USA doesn’t want to wait for the European Union to react and will secure the Eastern European frontier, even if it will have to use force. Here an important role will be played by the Eastern flank of NATO, mainly Poland-Romania-Turkey.



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