Lulea Marius Dorin

The crisis in Ukraine is exacerbating. With more than 5000 Russian soldiers on the Ukrainian territory, with the latest equipment, we can literary talk about an invasion.

Vladimir Putin’s main target is to rebuild of the Soviet space; this space included two NATO- member- states: Latvia and Estonia. Putin will not stop here but will go further, beyond Ukraine.

This situation resembles the one in 1939 when nobody believed in the risk of a war, but in just a couple of months Poland was split.

Targeted as the next on the list, the Baltic States, Poland and Romania, ask for a firm reaction and military aid to Ukraine. The experience of these states in the last 20 years of relations with the Russians space makes them more realistic. From Berlin, Rome or Paris things seem more distant.

The main goal of Vladimir Putin is to discreet NATO and USA as the main guarantees of the Western security. Once done the world status-quo will tear apart and the Russian Federation will regain its role as unique power.

Analysts also take into consideration the possibility that Russia will use some narrow and precise nuclear strikes in the South-Eastern Europe. The goal is just to intimidate and force NATO to … not to react. The presumed targets could be Latvia, Estonia and even Poland. Point 5 in the NATO Treaty asks for a united military reaction, but at this moment Germany seems far from being ready for such an action. 7 out of 10 Germans believe their country should not intervene if the Russian Federation attacks Estonia, and the fault lies to the German politicians headed by Angela Merkel, who did not prepare the civil society for such a process.

As it is known that Angela Merkel was a USSR agent, a close friend to Vladimir Putin, I wonder if we do not deal with a premeditated infiltration at a high level in the most powerful NATO European state. What if in these moments the politics of Berlin is not made at Berlin but at Moscow, and Putin’s confidence starts from this point?

My accusations are sincere when I see how Merkel doesn’t make NATO politics but the one of Putin. If we speak of an already occupied German, as was the case of Ukraine through its former president Yanukovych? What does the civil society in Germany do, the opinion shapers, where is the pressure from bottom to top? Has the social responsibility disappeared, the political factors are no longer supervised? We speak of a totalitarian regime in an acceptable form.

Russia will send more troops in Ukraine and only a moral support from NATO states, if not NATO itself, can block the Russian expansion. Otherwise, as was the case of Hitler, they will go further just because nobody opposes them and because they can do it.

Vladimir Putin mentioned that the Ukrainians and the Russians are the some people, the Soviet one most probable. In this case the Dugin-Putin doctrine speaks about the right of the people over the individual right, thus about the restoration of a consecrate space. In such conditions the threat goes to the Baltic States, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia, other states being already included in the Soviet space.

It is just a matter of time before Russia goes further, while NATO is dysfunctional.

P.S. I wonder now, who was behind the increase in Germany’s energy dependence on Russian gas, by reduction of nuclear energy?


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