Lulea Marius Dorin

Few Geopolitic never hurt. I will present in the following the relationship with the World as Kremlin ideologists see:

Russia wants a weakened USA and in this time is open to ally with anyone and do anything to weaken NATO’s credibility, even a war.

Russia wants a friendship relationship with Germany for access to his technology and to undermine the power position of the United States. Russia wants cold relations between the USA and Germany.

Russia wants good relations with Japan, even if is necessary to drop Kuril islands. Everything to strengthen relationships and to use anti-American Japanese sentiments , dating from World War II.

Russia wants total control over former Soviet states and any advancement of the democratic system is perceived as a physical attack on its territory.

Russia fears China, but enjoys its growth to undermine the future of American hegemony. “Roads Friends” is the best way to phrase the Russia-China relationship.

Russia wants a buffer space to Germany and made it from the former communist countries (communist not equals with Soviet ).

Russia wants to be friend to Iran to control the Islam world and to weaken the power of the United States on Arab oil.

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