Lulea Marius Dorin

This Sunday presidential elections were held in Romania. The Socialist Victor Ponta and the Populist Klaus Iohannis met in the second round of the elections.


Yes, the second candidate in the presidential election campaign was a German with a 500-year family history in Romania.

To the amazement of a divided Europe, the Romanians have offered a strong lesson: they have given up the primitive nationalism and have chosen a German for a president.

While other use the lack of unity and hatred to justify their economic and political failures, Romanians have offered a lesson of unity to a Europe marked by an anti-immigrants discourse and secessionists requests.


The German has been voted by a considerable majority mainly because Romania had asked for more Europe, rule of law and more respect from its politicians.

Disappointed by a political class whose origins are in the communist nomenclature, the Romanians have set alarm bells ringing for a more united Europe.


This vote was against a primitive nationalism and a communist past which was marked by crony politics and a highly corrupted political class.


Europe should use this context to show the tire world that Romania has given the example needed; this is a proof that the old continent has no ethnic boundaries. Two European states are not led by German ethnics, and this should be both a pride and an example to follow.



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