Lulea Marius Dorin

Moldova turned its back to Europe after Russia succeeded to impose a puppet government.

Even if the three-partied Pro-European Alliance won the elections, two parties changed sides and chose to cooperate with the Putin-backed Communist Party.

This is no big surprise because DP (Democrat Party) and LDPM (Liberal Democrat Party of Moldova) have both appeared after a split from CPM (Communist Party of Moldova). Nevertheless, the presidents of the two parties have both been members of Voronin´s government. Voronin, ex-president of Republic of Moldova, is Putin´s number one politician in Moldova.

LP(The Liberal Party), the only truly pro-European party, has been excluded from negotiations after conditioning the forming of the new government by a politically – independent judicial system. Such a demand appears very dangerous for the political class, as it is widely – known the fact that Vlad Filat and Vlad Plahotniuc, the leaders of DP and LDPM, obtained huge fortunes by illegal means. In this political struggle the stake is the control over justice and this is a huge draw-back on the European path.

It seems that Russia has regained control over the Republic of Moldova just by making use of its impossibility to achieve European Union´s standards of good-governance.

The European Union reacted quickly to sanction Moldova. The President of Romania, Klaus Johannis, has cancelled his visit to Chisinau, whereas Poland blocked a credit of 100 million euros.

Recent evolutions in Moldova appear as a great concern for Ukraine, whose European path is threatened by a new Moscow-loyal neighbour.


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