Lulea Marius Dorin

The Moldovan secret services have begun to banish European citizens. Without any explanation, the civic activist George Simion was detained and driven outside the frontiers by the security services’ agents. No explanation was given, but Simion is known to plead for the European values.

The Republic of Moldova suddenly leans towards the East, and that is due to the passivity of the European Union. On the other hand Russia is pumping money into political parties, press and is corrupting public persons in order to change the European vector.

A large robbery was committed last year, when, according to official reports, over 15% of the state’s GDP was stolen and transferred to banks that served the Russian interests.

Meanwhile, EU has condition the money intended to fuel the reformation of the Moldovan justice. Given this condition the political factor has recanted the European values and now prefers to approach Russia, a decision that guarantees the wellness of the oligarchic political class, but not that of its citizens.

In this context the Moldovan citizens have started to go out in the street- the last manifestation gathered ten thousand people, a large number for a four-million state. The civil society considers itself betrayed by its politicians who preferred to form a government along with the pro-Russian communist party.

The case resembles that of Ukraine where politicians had mimed the Europeanism until a certain point, and then gave up the European goal thus stirring the anger of the Ukrainian people. The situation seems to repeat at Chisinau where Moldovans have voted for Europe and now politicians want to offer them Russia.

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