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The participants view the reunification with Romania as the only chance for the Europeanization of the Republic of Moldova given the fact that its corrupt political class leans towards the Russian Federation. The participants had tricolor flags, the common symbol of the two Romanian states, and posters with unionist messages.

Representatives of the Parliament in Bucharest have also participated and encouraged the people to ask for their rights. They have also stated that the normal process of reunification after the German model is closer than ever.

A call for solidarity for the European partners has also been made.

Romania through the voice of president Traian Basescu has recently affirmed that the reunification of the two Romanian states must become the main objective of diplomacy, Parliament, presidency and government.

moldovenii au votat unirea cu romania ce urmeaza zeci de mii au cerut unirea republicii moldova cu romania 5 iulie 2015 zeci de mii de moldoveni au cerut unirea cu romania 30 000 de moldoveni au cerut unirea la chisinau pe 5 iulie 30 000 cer unirea cu romania manifestatie mars chisinau 5 iulie 2015 cuza voda unire chisinau 5 iulie 2015 actiunea 2012 5 iulie 2015 actiunea 2012 mars chisinau unire 30 000

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