Lulea Marius Dorin

Juncker should resign for supporting illegal emigration policy. Somebody from the top of the European Union must assume the security policy failure –it would be an act of honor. Juncker did not work in the benefits of european’s citizens, claiming illegal migration. In a state, leaders must resign in case of failure. This is a failure.

Merkel’s invitation to open the borders has made effects: hundreds of deaths in terrorist attacks. It’s time for unity, as well for the responsibility. The ones that which cannot guarantee the security of Europe, must go.


The lack of responsibility cost lives of European citizens

The issue was this: not if terrorist attacks will occur, but when and where.

Europe is one of the democratic values. The gate must be open only to those who respect it.

Romania is in solidarity with european brother’s drama.

May God forgive those blameless.


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